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February 3, 1945

Every day is about the same. Early in the morning planes flew over scouting the waterfront for ships. Yesterday a gasoline depot and a motorboat were bombed.

During the last few nights we have heard gunfire in the distance. The USAFFE are attacking the garrisons on the outskirts of the city.

Meñing had a funny experience this morning. He was passing by the Iloilo High School, which is now being used by the Japanese as a garrison, when an American plane flew over very low. A Japanese guard shouted out to him to jump in a fox hole nearby. He jumped into it, and as he did, he landed right on the back of a Japanese soldier! It scared Meñing and he thought the soldier would slap him, but the soldier saw the humor in it and had a good laugh over the incident.

The prices of food continue to soar. Pork is now 1,200 Pesos a kilo, beef is 900 Pesos. A sack of sweet potatoes costs 4,000 Pesos. One egg is 80 Pesos. A ganta of brown rice is 300 Pesos, white rice costs 450 Pesos!

Yesterday I exchanged an old school uniform of Dolly’s for 53 eggs!