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February 27, 1970

Office of the President

of the Philippines


February 27, 1970


10:30 PM

The Manila Police early this morning (two hours after the rioting) raided the Philippine College of Commerce with a search warrant from Judge Jarencio and arrested 38 persons including students, professors and paid vandals with Molotov cocktails, revolvers, a shotgun and other weapons of assault. And the reaction of the public seems to be reacting favorably.

Finished the problem of the Muslims. Salipada Pendatun says he will be responsible for Ex. Gov. Udtog Matalam the leader of the Muslim Independence Movement, who on Feb. 6, 1970 issued another manifesto against the government adopting the Ma-Mao and Kabataang Makabayan line. Salipada Pendatun insists there is no training ground for insurgents and that Udtog will consult him before he does anything serious. I have my doubts about his capability to hold Udtog but I am hoping for the best. I have asked him to bring Udtog’s son.

Also settled the Sulu differences between Cong. Amin and Mayor Barby Abubakar of Jolo. It seems that Amin and Gov. Sangkula bring in policemen of the other towns fully armed into Jolo, causing tension. A barrio captain was killed by the policemen recently. So I am having the arms of the Jolo policemen who shot him and from now on no more guns from outside Jolo to be allowed.

Delivered a speech on Liberal Democracy before Rotary International 380 at the Hilton tonight.