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April 15, 1970


10:00 AM

April 15, 1970

Told Sec. Juan Ponce Enrile at breakfast we should now implement the following plans:

Sow dissension in the ranks of the Huks by:
a. Revealing the letters of Dante and Sumulong against each other and the acts of one band against the other.

The same among the activists
a. Jose Maria Sison against Dante
b. Nilo Tayag plotting against Dante
c. Ninoy Aquino against Sumulong and Dante.

Dante will probably liquidate them. He liquidated Arthur Garcia on April 7, 1970 because of this.

3. Organize a fictitious Huk group for any purpose.

4. Organize the civilian volunteers against the subversives.

5. Ordinance
a. Booby traps
b. Exploding ammo to be planted for the Huks
c. Etc.

10:15 PM

I have just come from Rizal Stadium where I opened the Asian Football Youth Tournament. There are 16 competing teams and the Tunku Abdul Raman cup is at stake. Our team tied with Laos in a fast paced game that saw the Laotians ahead at 2-1 at 4 minutes to the end of the last half then a Phil. goal in two minutes and on to a tie.

There was an Intensity IV earthquake on the second game of Korea vs. Thailand, the two roughest teams in the tournament as Bongbong calls them. Korea won on a disqualification of the team for alleged Thai malicious fouls.

Signed the proclamation on the Magalang Agricultural Community Development project this morning. It sets aside 756 hectares for development by the Filipinas Foundation of Enrique Zobel.

Incidentally, he (Enrique) told me that Maceda when removed as Executive Secretary handed over to Ninoy Aquino two duffel bags of documents – according to Ninoy. Since Ninoy is a “congenital liar” this is untrue. And what has Maceda or anyone to reveal. But Ninoy claims he has photostats but that Ablan Junior got back the duffel bags when Maceda was appointed Commerce Secretary – Enriquito implying that I was blackmailed into it which is a lot of hogwash as usual from Ninoy. But I can see that the Zobels do not like Maceda. Or more accurately, Ninoy Aquino is worried I am building up Maceda for President which is of course not true.