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June 8, 1972 Wednesday

1:30 PM

June 8, 1972


Malacañan Palace


I have asked Sen Pres Puyat to help unite the party if he and the others are interested in running for president. And they are now going to call conferences for this.

As I predicted Sen. Tolentino, Padilla, Pelaez, Perez and Sumulong are now going to behave to win the support of the party.

Also talked to Speaker Pro Temp Jose Aldeguer to be the bridge for rapprochement with the Laurels and the (not readable) so that they too will come back to the party for the campaign of 1973. They should participate in the convention to choose the presidential and senatorial candidates.

I revealed to Cong. Durano Navarro and (not readable) my doubts as to whether there will be elections in 1973 because of the possibility that of the NPA’s do not start violence, there may be attempts at a coup de ‘tat by the political group or the armed forces group.

And that we must all prepare for an emergency.

I have asked the finalization of reforms to restructure our society. So that if power can again be consolidated the plans may be implemented.

This will now occupy me for the next two weeks.

Tonight I talked to:

  1. Ronnie Velasco on the investment program.
  2. Bobby Benedicto on the use of KBS radio. A survey as to effect of programs will be (not readable)
  3. (not readable) Veloso, Nanding Veloso, Teddy Natividad and Artan Mate
  4. Chavit Singson and Vigan Mayor Singson on the turnabout of Melchor Padua and now that Bingbong Crisoloho is centralized their men should be warned not to abuse or they will suffer the same fate.
  5. Monching Cojuangco, Munding Reyes, Kokoy Romualdez and Luis Tabuena on the afternoon newspapers.

The rain since yesterday caused floods all over Manila up to waistline in some area. Mayor Bagatsing is being blamed.

The plot to assassinate us has been confirmed by one of the co-conspirators paid an advance of P4,000. This was supposed to take place on Independence Day, June 12th.

The informer is Feliciano Batario alias Dading of 3515 Cecilio St, Bo Obrero, Tondo, Manila.

Cong. Escueta who brought attention to this information because “although he is a Liberal, he would not want this to happen to the President”, assures the reliability of the informer.

I attach the report of Gov. Ver.