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July 6, 1972 Thursday

1:35 AM July 7th

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July 6, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Reports of a foreign submarine emerged in the vicinity of Digollorin River sometime last week and observed unloading supplies and undetermined number of arms and ammo have been coming to me from Task Force Saranay (Formerly Lawin) Additional information on this from fisherman and native Dumagats Fishing within Digollorin River and Digoyo Area, Isabela.

The first hard evidence on landings came from Lt. Aglipay, Palanan Detachment Commander who reported a vessel transporting undetermined number of persons to share worked Karagatan original were erased H – Akuryo Maru – N – 3 IT – 2005 which they boarded, resulting in a fire fight. The tug boat chief (they used a tug boat to board the Karagatan) was wounded.

One of the helicopters used to ferry two additional teams was hit in the rotor but landed safely.

I attach copy of reports.

Rang. Two depressions east of the Philippines.

Mindanao situation still violent. Gen. Picache sent to supervise SOWESCOM operations.

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July 6th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


Received credentials of the First Yugoslav ambassador based in Tokyo.

Awarded the Golden Heart to Col. Alfred K. Patterson, U.S. Embassy Air and Defense attacks.

Choosed ambassadors to Brussels, London, Spain and San Francisco.

Reassessed with Sec. Melchor and Cesar Virata the true market for cars. Possibly the true market is 30,000 to 40,000 cars because there were 100,000 cars sold from the U.S. Military Bases in five years. This would change the picture of the PCMP which is based on a market of 20,000.

Sugar – No reports without sale to domestic max

Rice destroyed by typhoon

Smuggling – the participants of Cong. R. Ablan

Air Rates increase only 30% not 45%

Oil Commission – To expedite Decision in August.

The Concon postponed voting on the form of government. The presidentialists succeeded in preventing a vote with the obvious support of Pres. Macapagal which infuriated Del. Miguel Cuaderno who may move for his ouster tomorrow. The parliamentarists were obviously (not readable) (not readable).