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July 9, 1972

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July 9th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


Lunch for the Libyan and Egyptian missions headed by El Trekki and El Aroussy. A Philippine (Bayanihan, program, gift-giving and a letter to H.E. Muammar El Qaddafi, Chairman and Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Command Council of The Libyan Arab Republic and HE President A El Sadet of Egypt.
Then golf and exercise.
And to the airport.
I am disappointed at the slow moving operations in Diguyo Bay at Palanan, Isabela. The Chief of Staff went there but only 60 men have been airlifted so far. Maj. Reus with six teams are south of the NPA emplacements. The rest are in the Bueno logging camp at Didadangan. It is my feeling that Gen. Espinio is offended that Gen. Rancudo and Diaz reported to me directly as he has not permitted an air strike. But the shore is an not over hanging ledge so cannot be approached and taken from the sea.
I have ordered an air strike to precede the cosult with mortars and recoil-less rifles early tomorrow.
I attach the report.

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July 9th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


The operations have to be completed tomorrow because the typhoon will foul up the weather and prevent the flight of helicopters and the fixed wing aircraft Tuesday.

I have ordered two companies to buy up the troops in Deguyo Bay.

We may have stumbled on something big there. It may be a base camp where the supplies from abroad may be dumped. That is why the NPA will not abandon it. As of this morning the NPA were still in their (not readable) positions firing down at the six teams of Maj. Resus (PMA Class ’61)

Or the leaders may be there and the man landed by other submarine and/or surface craft as well as the ornaments and ammo with food supplies may be there.

So we must take the area by all means.

I also attach a copy of a document of NPA plans captured in Bo. Taringsing, Cordon, Isabela in 18 1400 June 1972.