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October 29, 1972

9:00 PM

Oct. 29, 1972


Malacañan Palace


God forbid we will ever be another Vietnam. Amb. Pham Dang Lam explained to me that the US through Dr. Kissinger just went ahead and entered into an agreement with Le Duc Tho of North Vietnam without any guarantee that North Vietnamese troops would withdraw from South Vietnam; Hanoi still imposes the same conditions of a coalition government calling it by another name “administrative machinery; nor is there a recognition of the 17th parrallel as a division line between the two Vietnams.

They never knew about the negotiations until the 18th of October. Poor South Vietnam.

I attach the notes I took of the conference.

Imelda is still in pain. They had to bring her to the clinic of Dr. Primo Gonzales for a check on the nerve of her lower right molars. Dr. Punsalang found the gums swollen. So they have tried anti-biotics. If the pain does not subside by tomorrow the the dentists will have to pull off the last lower right molar which is not being used anyway because the upper molar was pulled out some time ago.

I have agreed in principle to the organization of three additional battalions in the Phil. Army within the programmed expenditure of ₱216 million for the PA.