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June 5, 1973 Tuesday

1973 Marcos Diary Black Book_Page_095

1973 Marcos Diary Black Book_Page_096


[illegible] PM

June 5, 1973


Malacañan Palace


Imelda and I, after we received the Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents, talked to Father Horacio de la Costa, the Jesuit historian, to participate in a commission to write the history of the Philippines. He saw the Presidential library and the Maharlika which we refer to as the Big Antique.

The writing of a scholarly Philippine history is most urgent.

I have called all the generals and ranking colonels of the AFP to a conference and dinner tomorrow at 7:00 PM at the Heroes Hall on the arrogance and demand of the Malaysians for the Philippines to withdraw its claim to Sabah.

The position of the Malaysians is most humiliating to the Philippines. They deny their participation in the aggression of foreign troops and foreign trained troops and armaments, but they claim that if the Sabah claim is withdrawn then this would help defuse the situation.

June 5th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


It is now necessary to inform the military of the developments which may bring about a confrontation in the future with Malaysia.

I intend to keep the military in the background but informed of the reasons for the policies and their implementation.

It may be necessary to allow the newspapers to set up their own newsprint factory. The Daily Express spends ₱2 million a month, the Bulletin probably spends about a half of this and The Times Journal about ₱400,00. Newsprint constitutes 62% of newspaper expenses.

And newsprint manufacture is an essential part of media which is supposed to be owned a hundred percent by Filipinos.