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Monday, January 8, 1565

We sailed 30 leagues west by southwest until Monday. From midday till night we covered 8 leagues. At the turn south from the almiranta they gave signals of having seen land in those parts. And we went from that turn until the setting sun. As we did not see any land we sailed west by northwest all night. In the morning, a man went up to the top and sighted land at the turn northwest. We sailed from the west and we went on until we got to the southern part. On Tuesday midday, having sailed the whole night for 15 leagues. The shape of this island is as it is drawn here. (figure) It goes north south and is cut in the middle that it seems that the sea passes through it from one end to another. It has a perimeter of around (illegible) leagues. On the shore there were around 20 houses; and it seemed there could be about 100 natives in the whole island.They are bearded people and so the Señor General gave it the name of Isla de los Barbudos. Its industry is fishing and they catch a lot of fish. They do not have weapons. We wanted to anchor but we did not find a place deep enough or 100 brazas, the baupres being on land. There the bateles went ashore to see what kind of land it was, and the houses there, we went from end to end until nightfall. They brought many coconuts and fish and at dawn the next day we departed. I measured the sun at 10 degrees.