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Wednesday, 14 February 1565

We sailed 15 leagues. At four in the afternoon, we arrived at a big island of many small mountains. There was an islet, two leagues away from the big one. We anchored between this big one and this islet. There are other islets nearer; one and a half leagues away from the island, full of reefs; in between them there are two bays with a depth of 7 or 8 brazas. Moreover, they are exposed to the breeze which prevails here. The big island of this islet is where we are anchored, the part of the land that can be seen is at north by northwest, and the other at south by southwest.

The same day, Wednesday, the bateles of the flagship of the almiranta and of the patax each with 20 soldiers, went to the big island to reconnoiter it and to see if there was a good port and if the place was inhabited.

We found some huts by the sea and around 50 natives came out, naked and some wore some thin cloth; their whole body was painted black con fuego (with charcoal); they brought shields and some small lances, with good iron tips and we saw that some wore bracelets of gold on their arms and legs. They came to us in peace; they are a trusting and good people. They wanted peace and to have blood compacts to seal their friendship as was their custom, but our men did not enter into these pacts because the batel would be left unguarded. So we went to the ship without succeeding in finding a good port nor a big town but only ranches.