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February 16, 1565

On the following day, Friday, they filled their entire parao with warriors. And underneath, manning the oars were 15 to 20 natives with oars like those used in canoes. But these boats are different from canoes because they are made of pieces of wood which are not calked but the link is so tight that they are waterproof. They nail them at one end of the wood to the other with wooden nails, Around 30 natives entered the flagship with a copper instrument with which they played a good tune to which they danced very well. Some wear gold earrings. The natives said that 8 leagues from here at the northeastern part, the Caobos Bay was located. So the captain sent the batel of the flagship with 30 men and captain Juan de la Ysla to see it. There they found a good port and the natives went out and met them in peace. To effect this friendship a man went ashore from the batel, to make the blood compact. While he was drawing blood (for the pact) a native came and hit him with a lance. Then the natives fled and returned home.