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Saturday, 17 February 1565

On Saturday, 16 17* February. The pilot of the almiranta and | went to see the islands located at the southern part in order to anchor the ships there, from, where we had entered, we could not go out because the wind blew at the prow. We found a good canal, as I have said, there are many islets along the big island. Some have reefs but if one is careful they can be negotiated safely. We were back on the ships Sunday, 19 February.

[*Note by Philippine Diary Project: There seems to be a discrepancy here, as previous two entries, Thursday and Friday, are dated the 15th and 16th of February, 1565, respectively. This means Saturday would be the 17th; but in this entry, the author indicates that Sunday is the 19th, which should make Saturday the 18th. We have assigned the 17th as the date for this entry.]