A native of Nueva España and Canon of Mexico. Consecrated Archbishop of Manila in 1758. Became governor by the Royal Decree of 1761 during the siege of Manila by the British. Had disputes with Anda who fought the British . died on January 30, 1764 . Was given a military burial by the British.

4th of October, 1762

At dawn on the fourth, the enemy began to fire shells into the city. They set fire to several of the  buildings, and together with the shot from the mortar batteries and the fusillade from the tower of Santiago, which resembled a shower of hail, threw the garrison and the inhabitants into great consternation, which gradually increased.^^ All the day of the fourth, and the following night, were passed in this perplexity, no means being found by which to escape the danger. Although orders for the ditches and the defense of the breach were renewed, in order to prevent the assault, and activity was redoubled and the necessary efforts made, yet there was no means of executing any of those things, because of the continual and deadly fire of the enemy.

Consequently, there was no means of getting the bearers of fascines to work.