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Friday, July 22nd, 1898

Weather is pretty but awfull Hot this is general cleaning day of Guns and Arms and Camp and by Night the Camp looked and everythink was in first Class Condition In the afternon we seen a body of Natives Soldiers the are verry smal people and I dont think that the can stand Hard ships like we can the are armed with all Kinds of Weapons from a Corn Cutter to a Mauser Riffle and allways say they are going to fight tonight one Men sick Jacob Landis

Weather is pretty but awfully hot. This is general cleaning day of guns and arms and camp. By night the camp looked and everything was in first class condition. In the afternoon we saw a group of native soldiers. They are very small people and I don’t think that they can stand the hardships like we can. They are armed with all kinds of weapons from corn cutters to Mauser rifles and they always say they are going to fight. Tonight one man is sick, Jacob Landis.