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Monday, August 1st, 1898

It is raignen steady we arive at Camp at 10 o Clock cerry tired and hungry after Breakfast or rather Dinner we tired to find Rest in our tents the Evening we where informed that 6 of our Regt where killed and 32 wounded everythink remainded verry wuiet in the Camp the Killed where laid At Rest in a church Yard about 1½ from our Camp and the Wounded where cared for at the general Hospital Sick Landis and Sergt Martin

It is raining steadily. We arrived at camp at 10 o’clock very tired and hungry. After breakfast, or rather dinner, we tried to find rest in our tents. In the evening we were informed that six of our regiment were killed and 32 wounded. Everything remained very quiet in the camp. The killed were laid to rest in a church yard about one and a half miles from our camp and the wounded were cared for at the general hospital. Sick: [Jacob] Landis and Sergeant Martin.