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Friday, August 5th, 1898

It still raigned as we arived in Camp at 10 am we where all tired and needed Rest badly we didnt even have even sufficient Food to satisfy our Hunger our tents where partly blown down again we heard a Report that the Montaray had come in and we all are anxious to march onto Manila in the Evening the Insugent are marching pass our Camp about 1000 men strong and about Midnight we hear the Cracks of Cannons & Riffle shot Georg Miller Christopher & Shanaberger are on the Sick List

It was still raining as we arrived in camp at 10:00 a.m. We were all tired and needed rest badly. We didn’t even have sufficient food to satisfy our hunger. Our tents were partly blown down again. We heard a report that the USS Monterey had come in and we are all anxious to march on Manila. In the evening the insurgents marched past our camp about 1,000 men strong. About midnight we hear the cracks of cannon and rifle shot. George Miller, [Frank] Christopher and [Frank] Shanaberger are on the sick list.