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Tuesday, August 16th, 1898

The Weather is nice and clear in the Morning but in the afternon we have heavy Rain the second Battalion recieves Orders to Guard the Prisons Companies H & D occupie the Theater wich is just across the Street from the prisons and A & C occupie the Guard houses these Quaters are believed to be permament for at least a Week. Co C & A have 15 post a patrol and the look out while Co D & H have seven Post. christopher Shanaberger Collins and Cullman are on the Sick List.

The weather is nice and clear in the morning but in the afternoon we have heavy rain. The Second Battalion receives orders to guard the prisons. Companies H and D occupy the theater which is just across the street from the prisons and A and C occupy the guard houses. These quarters are believed to be permanent for at least a week. Companies C and A have 15 post a patrol and they look out while Companies D and H have seven post. [Frank] Christopher, [Frank] Shanaberger and [William D.] Collins and [Grant] Cullums are on the sick list.