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Friday, October 14th, 1898

It is still raignen all day we have our Hour Bayonett Exercises in the Morning and dressparade in the Evening this day was a great Feast day for the Natives in the Evening the whole City was illuminated I was also in the Cathreal in the Evening watching their strange Way of Worship this day we recieved another white Duck Shirt and 2 Gingham Shirts Christopher Twist Knotts Miller Daugherty Georg Conn and Milbert Johnson are on the Sick List

It is still raining all day. We have our hour bayonet exercises in the morning and dressparade in the evening. This day was a great feast day for the natives. In the evening the whole city was illuminated. I was also in the Cathedral in the evening watching the strange way of worship. This day we received another white duck shirt and two gingham shirts. [Frank] Christopher, [David] Twist, [George] Knotts, [George] Miller, [Homer] Daugherty, George Conn and Milbert Johnson are on the sick list.