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Tuesday, October 18th, 1898

It is still raignen but it is clearing of in the afternon nicely we can hear Dewy firing a Salute in the Morning and one in the Evening but do not Know what Ships came in we are doing Guard duty just on our Street but have Guard Mount at Headquarters Knotts Christopher Twist Johnson Miller McMaster Hagen Frankenbery Daugherty and Georg Conn are on the Sick List

It is still raining but it cleared up in the afternoon nicely. We can hear Dewey firing a salute in the morning and one in the evening but we do not know what ships came in. We are doing guard duty just on our street but have guard mount at headquarters. [George] Knotts, [Frank] Christopher, [David] Twist, [Milbert] Johnson, [George] Miller, [Albert] McMaster, [Samuel] Hagan, [Joseph] Frankenberry, [Homer] Daugherty and George Conn are on the sick list.