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Wednesday, October 19th, 1898

This is a beautifull day there is a nice breese going we are getting the good News that Mail has come in by the way of Hong Kong wich we recieved in the afternoon wich made every body happy I recieved 4 letters and a picture of my Girl this Mail was 19 days old we also had a goodly Number of Newspaper sent up to this time the Amerilan are printing 4 different Newspaper call the Freedom Amerikan Soldier Manila Times and Unkle Sam they are all selling at 10ct a paper I send one of each of them home we had fresh Meat to day Christopher Twist Johnson Miller McMaster Hagen Frankenbery Daugherty and Georg Conn and Knott are on the sick List

This is a beautiful day. There is a nice breeze going. We are getting good news that mail has come in by way of Hong Kong which we received in the afternoon. This made everybody happy. I received four letters and a picture of my girl. This mail was nineteen days old. We also had a goodly number of newspapers sent up to [us] this time. The Americans are printing four different newspapers: the Freedom, American Soldier, Manila Times and Uncle Sam. They are all selling at ten cents a paper. I sent one of each of them home. We had fresh meat today. [Frank] Christopher, [David] Twist, [Milbert] Johnson, [George] Miller, [Albert] McMaster, [Samuel] Hagan, [Joseph] Frankenberry, [Homer] Daugherty and George Conn and [George] Knotts are on the sick list.