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Sunday, October 23rd, 1898

It has raigned pretty near all Night this Night I suffered terrible with Cramps in my Stomach and dissentary went and see the Doctor in the Morning this was a quiet Sunday just half of our Men went on Outpost some of our Men visited the churches and Hospitals and in the Evening attented service at the Opera House I was confined to my Bed all day suffered terrible all day Knotts Twist Miller Conn Hagen Frankenbery McMaster are on the Sick List Hagen Sam has Malaria Fever Frankenbery discentary and David Twist xxx desease the where taken to Brigade Hospital in the Morning

It has rained pretty near all night. This night I suffered terribly with cramps in my stomach and dysentery. I went to see the doctor in the morning. This was a quiet Sunday. Just half of out men went on outpost. Some of our men visited the churches and hospitals; and, in the evening they attended services at the Opera House. I was confined to my bed all day and suffered terribly. [George] Knotts, [David] Twist, [George] Miller, [George] Conn, [Samuel] Hagan, [Joseph] Frankenberry and [Albert] McMaster are on the sick list. Sam Hagan has malaria, Frankenberry dysentery and David Twist xxx disease. They were taken to the Brigade Hospital in the morning.