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Thursday, October 27th, 1898

the Storm Kept up all night but the Morning was clear we went trough our regular routine of Buisnes had fresh Meat again in the Evening the whole Regiment marched 3 Miles out to Malette and had dressparade and passed Grand Review wich was verry sattisfactory but we all got a good soaking befor we arrived at our Barracks our 4 prisoner each got a trial in the afternon Cuite was was sentensed for 30 days and $15.20 fine chirstopher Little and Beatty where senteced to 15 days and $6.00 fine Knotts Conn and Herrington are on the Sick List

The storm kept us up all night but the morning was clear. We went through out regular routine of business. We had fresh meat again in the evening. The whole regiment marched three miles out to Malate and had dress parade and passed grand review which was very satisfactory. But, we all got a good soaking before we arrived at our barracks. Our four prisoners each got a trial in the afternoon. [Gilbert] Cuite was sentenced to 30 days and a $15.20 fine. [Frank] Christopher, [William] Little and [Curtis] Beatty were sentenced to 15 days and $6.00 fine. [George] Knotts, [George] Conn and [Charles] Herrington were on the sick list.