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Saturday, November 12th, 1898

It has raigned steady all Night and the Wind is blowing terible we have to keep all Window and Doors shut on account of the heavy rain we have no Drills and all we can do is to lay around our Quarters and pass time away as good as we can we have fresh Meat in the Morning the Bay is terrible rough and it keeps us buisy to get the Meat loaded on the Leiter it never stopped rain all day and the Streets are floated some over 2 Feet deep the Water in the rear of our Building is 3 Feet deep. Buisnes up town is brisk as the Mail didn’t leave yet the Boys still have a chans to send some more as Tabs are sounded the Rain is coming down in Torents and all of us are glad that we are not laying in Trenches or in Camp Dewy wich is all over floated at this Season before going to Bed we have a good Lunch of Hamburg Bread and Water and Ch Debold says he would not miss the Lunch for all the Ration in the Comisary we all talk over our Hardship we endured in Camp and about our people at Home for the Night are getting very long it get dark befor 6 oClock and it doesn’t get day light until after 6 our Ball Games are all postponed F. Hustead and Murphie are on the sick List

It has rained steadily all night and the wind is blowing terribly. We have to keep all our windows and doors shut on account of the heavy rain. We have no drills and all we can do is lay around our quarters and pass time away as good as we can. We have fresh meat in the morning. The Bay is terribly rough and it keeps us busy trying to get the meat loaded on the lighter. It never stopped raining all day and the streets are flooded, some over two feet deep. The water in the rear of our building is three feet deep. Business uptown is brisk as the mail didn’t leave yet. The boys still have a chance to send some more. As Taps is sounded the rain is coming down in torrents and all of us are glad that we are not lying in trenches or in Camp Dewey which is all flooded during this season. Before going to bed we had a good lunch of hamburger, bread and water. [Carl] De Bolt says he wouldn’t miss the lunch for all the rations in the commissary. We all talk over our hardships we endured in camp and about our people at home because the nights are getting very long. It gets dark before 6 o’clock [p.m.] and daylight doesn’t come until after 6 [a.m.]. Our ball games are all postponed. [Frank] Hustead and [Jesse] Murphy are on the sick list.