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Sunday, November 13th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

The storm of the past three days was a surprise for its duration. The night closes in with a hard wind.

Very busy all day. Cooked 3 meals. Had Private Clayton Scott to dinner & supper.

Expected to visit Cavite & hold a service on the “Monadnock” but heard the bay was so rough that the ferry did not run. On that account remained in Manila & sent Scott out to Malate to arrange for a meeting there. This done after dinner went out, Private Lloyd accompanying us to the thatched building occupied by the Y.M.C.A where I led and the service. Stormy day, wind blowing a gale & the waves breaking in the beach back of the house with a roar. Audience 28. Chaplain W.D. Stephenson of the Idaho’s assisted. Distributed 50 War Crys to the soldiers 25 of No.     & 25 of           No.

After supper held service in No. 2 Calle Sta. Elena parlor. Small audience. God present. At close Private Walter Lang Co. D. 13th Minn. professed to get reclaimed thru Christ. This was the first meeting he attended since leaving home.

Was formerly a member of the Burr St. Baptist church St. Paul. Minn. Glory to my God for victory. Lang came to our service with Private E. F. Flansberg, G. Co. 13th Minn. Confessed to be in a backslide condition, but refused to get right. Only a short time ago he commenced holding meetings on his own account so zealous was he; now is in the dumps. May God help him. We parted rejoicing.

Visitors 8.

On our way to Malate found the Christian Commission tent flat on the ground. Perhaps the storm did it.

The news reached us yesterday that Uncle Sam is shipping 7,000 more soldiers out to the Philippines, ditto war vessels. Looks suspicious.