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Monday 1-9-99

Bugles played Pay Day March. Formed at Palace at 9 a.m. Got $39.12 –owed $13 to Sanford, $5.50 to Senora Rivera for two white suits, $1 to Frank Coombs, $2 to McCarren, $2.35 Canteen, Washing $1.20, Barber $.45, Cap $.50 –p’d all my debts. Now, I’ll commence to save for the ring is paid for. Just received pay, when we got orders to dress for the field & to stay in barracks. For several days the Filips in city have been going away with their goods in wagons, carromettas [carromatas] &c –to the country beyond our lines. The Filip soldados swarm all over the city, coming in by the hundreds –but very few seen going back. The natives have stopped saying “Amigos” and are surly & ugly on the streets and walks. Everyone feels uncertain –for we know very little about the strength of he insur’s, and they may fight like Sepoys. Their priests tell them we will make slaves of them. Senora Rivera told me that they were all talking about it, and a battle was a sure thing soon. Shots are frequently heard on the outposts. Several buffaloes and a few natives being kill during the night. Much gambling going on today & some have already lost all their dinero.