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Wednesday, February 15, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo District.

Tonight I hear the voice of a Filipino woman singing, and children in the yard attached to the house in which I live are laughing & playing as gaily as tho’ no war disturbed the land. Rumor tonight states that an uprising is expected in Manila; 100 natives armed with daggers were arrested today; they were in council. Some cannon shooting was done today out at Caloocan. A battle is probably impending.

Went to the post office. No mail. Called at the Imperial photo gallery. Mañana. Asked me to wait 3 days more of the battle & other events connected therewith.

Completed my article for the S.F. War Cry of 25 pages MS. narrative of the Philippines. The subheads are:

“The 2d War” — “A House of Refuge” — “At the Front” — “Two nights in a Blockhouse” — “A Sad Death” — “Visiting the Lines” — “Horrors of the Battlefield” — “The First Gun” — “Found in the Brush.”

There are 3 Filipino & Spanish women from the first floor, in this room at the time of writing. Somehow they have got wind of trouble brewing.

Wrote & copied 4 letters. (1) Lt-Col. Wm Evans (2) Peter Kirkwood (3) Houston “Post” (sent $1. renewal of sub. for semi-weekly) (4) L.B. Armstrong — Barcelona Spain.

Mr. N.F. Hashim, Syrian, called today. He is full of business now having government contracts for grass, wood etc. His place now is Calle San Jose No. 1, Trozo.

Some of the Filipinos are not insurrectos. They are afraid of them.

Visitors to use our reading & writing room are now next to nothing. The war keeps them away.

Tonight I hear occasionally the sound of cannon in the distance, very likely at Caloocan. The sentries are alert and ready for serious business should occasion require it.