Wednesday, February 15th, 1899

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I was working all day in the Comisary and hadnt much time to see anything but the Insurgents Kept firing on us all day some of the other Regiments where engaged all day but we Kept our Fire as we couldnt locate the Enemy in the Woods we have plenty to eat and during the day we are taken things easy but the Outpost is engaged most of the time at Night we all where engaged for several Hours but didnt advance on them Dewy this day bombarded the town of Maloboon all day but on account of our weak Forces couldnt take it this Night I slept in the Comisary tent and rested up good

I was working all day in the commissary and hadn’t much time to see anything, but the insurgents kept firing on us all day. Some of the other regiments were engaged all day, but we kept our fire as we couldn’t locate the enemy in the woods. We have plenty to eat and during the day we are taking things easy. The outpost is engaged most of the time. At night we all were engaged for several hours but didn’t advance on them. Dewey, this day, bombarded the town of Malabon all day but on account of out weak forces couldn’t take it. This night I slept in the commissary tent and rested up good.

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