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Saturday, Feb. 18th, 1899

Manilla, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Two weeks ago tonight the American-Filipino war commenced. Much skirmishing has been done and the natives forced back an average of about six miles from Manila. The “Times” of this evening states they are concentrating their troops in force at Guadaloupe [Guadalupe] where they may be more willing to risk a battle than near the Coast, where Dewey’s guns can reach them. Our forces will probably act on the defensive until the re-inforcements now en route arrive. Mrs. Owens said this evening tho’ the authority of Miss. Thompson who is writing a book re the Philippines, that the danger of an uprising in Manila is greater than ever, the Filipinos intend if they can, killing every American man, woman & child. The Lord has some people in Manila who will not be slaughtered with impunity for His special providence is over them.

I felt very sleepy & tired today at noon. Went to bed & remained there until time to cook supper. Had a headache. The heat today was oppressive, with the coming of night the air became cool.

Re-wrote a power of attorney (with duplicate) for Wm Evans, San Francisco, California, which empowers him to collect such money as may stand to my credit in the Pacific Bank. I re-wrote it because the document as gotten up by him asks for too much power over my private affairs. Also wrote & copied my 15th weekly letter to Lieut-Col. Alice Lewis, New York City.

Cooked breakfast & supper & washed the dishes. Am very tired of this kind of labor. Takes so much valuable time. Went without dinner.

I fail to recieve the Daily “American” & “Times”, the circulating of these papers nowadays is very difficult because agents are scarce.