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Tuesday, February 21st, 1899

I got up at 6 o Clock and the Fire at Malette was still burning somewhere at our right their was heavy firing all Morning at 12 o Clock the Mail left via Houk Kouy at our Line verry few shots where fired in the City everything is quiet their is a Rumor afloat that our Troops have allready sorounded Marrola and they are now trying to starve them out as Food is verry scarce it seems all our Movement are Kept secred and we will take the Rebels by surprice I am sleeping to Night in the Captains Quarters every thing is verry quiet while I goe to bed

I got up at 6 o’clock and the fire at Malate was still burning. Somewhere at our right there was heavy firing all morning. At 12 o’clock the mail left via Hong Kong. At our line, very few shots were fired. In the city, everything is quiet. There is a rumor afloat that our troops have already surrounded Malolos and they are now trying to starve them out as food is very scarce. It seems all our movements are kept secret and we will take the rebels by surprise. I am sleeping tonight in the captain’s quarters. Everything is very quiet while I go to bed.