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Friday, February 24th, 1899

the Fighting continued pretty near all Night but I slept good and sound havnt slept any for 72 hours I was 2½ Hours late to get the Meat out but my Excuse was excepted on my return to the City there where fires every where just near our Quarters over 100 Houses where burned down theese where all disorderly House (Magareth) and many others the City is patroled verry strict now no one is allowed even on the Roof of any House many who disobeyed where shot down I shot one myself and Killed him in the Evening we recieved Mail which had arrived in the Morning on the Kaudin and on the Yorktown (a Gunboat had 4 bdl. of Paper 1 Box Candy and 2 letters the Boys at the line will reciev theirs in the Morning just befor going to Bed there is heavy firing all along the line and Dewy and Utah Canons are making the whole Island shacke our Boys at Hospital are doing fine the Weathr is fine and the Moon shines bright Shaks are burning every where

The fighting continued pretty near all night but I slept good and sound. I hadn’t slept any for 72 hours. I was two and a half hours late to get the meat out but my excuse was accepted. On my return to the city there were fires everywhere. Just near our quarters over 100 houses were burned down. These were all disorderly houses (magareth?) and many others. The city is patrolled very strictly now. No one is even allowed on the roofs of any houses. Many who disobeyed were shot down. I shot one myself and killed him. In the evening, we received mail which had arrived in the morning on the Kaudin and the Yorktown (a gunboat). I received four bundles of paper, one box of candy and two letters. The boys at the line will receive theirs in the morning. Just before I go to bed there is heavy firing all along the line. Dewey and the Utah cannons are making the whole island shake. Out boys at hospital are doing fine. The weather is fine and the moon shines brightly. Shacks are burning everywhere.