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Thursday, March 9th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Weather getting warmer & days longer. Cooked breakfast of eggs bacon & coca; supper of oatmeal mush, bacon & cocoa. Dinner made of dry bread & lemonade.

For some reason felt a disinclination to leave the house. Glad I didn’t leave. The troops who are out at the front Salvationists, backsliders & friends when they find an opportunity to get to town from the battlefield, take advantage of spare time to call at No. 2. Calle Santa Elena, some to see Rev. & Mrs. Owens & some to see me. This forenoon Brother Ackaret of B. battery Utah light artillery called to see me. Long talk closing with prayer. Encouraged him to remain faithful to Jesus. Private Perkins, backslider, 3d reg’t Artillery, came in about the same time. Rec’d kindly. Next Private A. Temple, 2d Reserve hospital. Was driving an ambulance. Left the same at the corner of our street & came up stairs for a brief visit. Gave me $5. U.S. gold –which paid his Tenth League dues & added a donation. Also gave me $1. Spanish silver, realized from the sale of Tagalog gospels. Praise God. Prayed with him. Next caller Bugler Louis Schneiderman of Co. I, 1st Colorado vol. inf. Is a Jew –a backslider Salvationist, a member of Denver 2 Corps. Schneiderman when he gave his heart to Jesus first was driven from home by his parents & disowned. Backslid but claimed to have his backslidings healed. Backslid again since the fall of Manila –Aug 13th. I advised him several times since then to return to Christ, but unsuccessfully. Today he called. Replied to my urgings that if he returned home a Christian he could not enter his home. Loves his mother & wants to see her again when he returns from the war. After that expects to repent once more, as he thoroughly believes in the Lord Jesus Christ & does not believe in Judaism. Advised him to seek Jesus today as God may not permit him to live to see his mother again. Acknowledged the truth of this suggestion, but refused to do his first work over.

Took advantage of bits of spare time between visits to catalogue some books & pamphlets. Also cleaned some sea shells. Am setting my house in order gradually as I am preparing for the “unexpected.” Have a premonition that the Philippines will be transferred to the oversight of Commander H.H. Booth, although not a word has reached me officially to that effect. The transfer may set me adrift again over the earth to distant parts. Would like above all places, if it is God’s will, to visit the Chinese empire. Am interested in the evangelization of that nation more than any other heathen people.

Went down town late in the afternoon, got shaved in a Spanish barber shop, made purchases of groceries & rec’d a paper & letter at the post office, the last from dear Private G. Berry of the 1st Montana Vol. Inf. at the front. God is near & dear to his soul. Down at the post office a private soldier belonging to the 1st California Vol. Inf. requested me to address a package for him. Did so & tackled him about salvation. Urged him to seek pardon for sins of Christ Jesus. The man knew me in California. Saw me quite often in Market St. San Francisco.

Feel now that the Philippines, so far as the Filipino army is concerned is approaching a crisis. A few days more & it is probable a decisive blow will be struck at Aguinaldo’s forces. Today as I was returning from the post office the look in the eyes of two Filipino men startled me, i.e. roused me to the fact that a deep-seated hatred to Americans is taking possession of natives. A short time since, before fighting commenced they ridiculed the courage of American soldiers & despised them; now it seems they fear the courage & skill of Americans and hate them. We have a poor choice –between scorn and hate.