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Monday, May 1, 1899.

We did not hang up any May baskets, although it was such a fine day when we first got up that I was tempted to. There is no candy on board, and I am afraid that cabbage would not make a good floral decoration. It grew cloudy before noon and settled in for a hard blow. The wind blew great guns, and the water and spray came over the bow once in awhile. It was a grand sight to see the waves, and especially so from such a staunch, secure boat as this vessel. The weather side of the boat was rather wet, and at one time the storm was so bad that the vessel’s course was changed slightly to head into the storm, The wind soon went down, and the next morning we were going along peacefully. We have all got our sea legs-on and do not mind the sea much. This trip is like an excursion to me.