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Sunday, June 11th, 1899

This is a beautifull Sunday everything is quiet in Cavite each Company has 24 men on Guard and Patrol 10 of our Cos men are still doing Guard Duty at Santa Ruckie Sicknes is on a decrease our Wounded all have been discharged from the Hospital Captain Biere went to Coricodor Island yesterday to visit the Major (Bierer) from 5 to 6 Gunboats are bombarding Towns along the Bay there is much fighting down on the South line results are not Knowing yet but Heavy losses are exspected on both Sides

This is a beautiful Sunday. Everything is quite in Cavite. Each company has 24 men on guard and patrol. Ten of our company’s men are still doing guard duty at San Roque. Sickness is on the decrease. Our wounded all have been discharged from the hospital. Captain [Daniel] Bierer went to Corregidor Island yesterday to visit Major [Everhard] Bierer. From 5 until 6, gunboats bombarded towns along the bay. There is much fighting down on the south line; results are not known yet, but heavy losses are expected on both sides.