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Thursday, June 15th 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

This forenoon the sun managed to peep thro’ the clouds occasionally, also in the afternoon until about 4.30 p.m.; then a thunder storm swept over the city, and a light shower cooled the atmosphere.

I have been somewhat loose in the bowels during the past 3 or 4 days, consequently feel slightly indisposed.

Up early this morning. Read a chapter in Deuteronomy. Then prayed to my gracious God from whose dear hands all the blessings of my life come.

Rev. Chas Owens & I walked over to No. 72 Plaza Leon XIII, Tondo where we had quite a chat with the Filipino photographer, B. Caramanzana. Is an intelligent progressive gentleman. Says Spanish photography is too far behind the times. Has subscribed for a New York photographer’s journal. My 2 films were finished. Paid him $2, Mex. & gave him another sharing the Tondo uprising. This he finished by 4.30 p.m. & printed 28 pictures. 20 for Owens form my negatives. His work is so good that I am well satisfied; praise the Lord.

Called at the post office. No mail. My daily “American” does not reach me daily. Has been delivered on my table lately at No. 2 with stamp cancelled in the post office & yet I inquire for mail every day almost.

Dropped in the Spanish store corner of the Escolta & Bridge of Spain & bought same cheese $35 cts. Mex. Is 80 cts. a lb. Mex. Had a talk with the Spaniard Henny Fiol. He is not a Salvationist but attended their meetings frequently in Australia-Melbourne. Invited him to call & see me next Sunday at 3.30 p.m. Promised to do so. Want to get him into closer touch with Christ & the Salvation Army if it is the Lord’s will.

By invitation took dinner with Rev. & Mrs. Owens. They expect to leave Saturday of the week.  I wrote out a number of paper slips to accompany some curios & relics collected for W. E. Duncan Jr. Oroville, Butte C. Cal. Expect to send them with Owens to Lt-Col. Evans for D.  Wrote & copied a letter re the same to Lt.-Col. Evans, explaining the articles, where they come from etc.

The landlady’s son [dunned] me for rent today. Replied mañana. Owens paid me $17.50 for his month’s rent. Owens brought news that the captain of the “Indiana” said Henry Fiol is employed in the “Extremena” store, Perez & Co. No. 4 Escolta, Manila.

There are 3 cholera cases in Manila. The newspapers are silent about it. Should the citizens get panicky they cannot go far as war is at their door.

While I was watching the bombardment last Tuesday quite a hand fight was in progress on shore. A number of our men here killed rounded    ,12  taken prisoner, besides the Filipinos suffered severely. The Americans engaged were all regulars.

The 2Oregon Vol. got away about noon on the 14th.

I wrote a letter to Private V. Heran, Co. F. Ist Nebraska regt, giving him spiritual advice, as I may not see him again. The Nebraskans are preparing to leave.

Did some reading in the “Officer”, S.A. magazine.

Cooked supper of cocoa, oatmeal mush, & fried ham.

There is a prospect of my big house becoming empty and lonesome pretty soon