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Thursday, June 15th, 1899

The day is awfull hot & B Co was ordered out at 230 am an taken with them 100 Rounds of Amunition and 24 hours Ration to reinforce Lawtons Brigade across the Bay at or near the couse Roads at 12 noon we recieve (Co C) Orders to march to the Corse Roads wich conect Santa Rocku with Luzon on the South line we layed there until Night and went back to our Barracks at Cavite the distance being 5 miles indeed it was a terrible March good many gave out from the Heat

The day is awfully hot and B Company was ordered out at 2:30 a.m. and took with them 100 rounds of ammunition and 24 hours rations to reinforce Lawton’s Brigade across the bay at or near the crossroads. At 12 noon we (Company C) received orders to march to the crossroads which connect San Roque with Luzon on the south line. We laid there until night and went back to our barracks at Cavite the distance being 5 miles. Indeed is was a terrible march. Good many gave out from the heat.