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September 2, 1899

San Fernando is beginning to wear quite a business-like aspect. When we first came here it was quite deserted save for the troops, but since then the Filipinos have been coming back, last week a bullock train of thirty carts, each with a family. Shops are opening and the regimental band plays occasionally. Of course a good half of the town, including the stone church, has been burnt and troops are quartered everywhere. Detachments are constantly passing. Cavalry, their horses looking like elephants in comparison to the native horses, in fact every branch of the service. Since seeing other houses of the better class here I have changed my mind about the arch leading to the rear wing of our barracks. It seems to be a common feature. The second floor, I have seen no buildings higher, is the living floor, the first being used as carriage sheds, store rooms, etc. The yard or court is evidently used in dry weather for meals or for lounging and it is to beautify that, that such an elaborate stairway (outside) leads to the, in our case, kitchen.