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Monday 13th Nov., 1899

Left Capas at 6 A.M. and marched to Mercia without meeting the enemy. Roads almost Impassable in places. Mud and water waist deep. At Mercia I was left with twenty men in charge of prisoners carrying lumber to cover culverts on R.R. track so that Art. and wagon train could pass, Two companies of the 12th stationed at Mercia. The rest of the Division gone on to Tarlac. At about 8 P.M. after a cup of coffee and a couple of hardtack I took my guard and prisoners six miles up the track to join the regimont at Tarlac. Reached Tarlac at 11,30 after a march of 13 miles from Capas, wet tired and hungry. Found X Co. in quarters at far end of town. slept like a log though the mosquitos were in clouds over me.

NOTE: Here the diary ends. The next page is a sketch map of the battle in the rice fields at Magalang. H.P.H, Jr.