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November 13th, 1899

About 5 in the afternoon, we left Bayambang with the President, his family, and escort for Calasiao and Santa Barbara, where we joined General Gregorio H. del Pilar and his brigade. Without any rest during the night, we took the road to Pozorrubio, stopping for a while between Manaoag and San Manuel. On the afternoon of the 14th, we entered Pozorrubio and rested in the convent. On our way between Manaoag and San Manuel our rear guard was cut off by the enemy. It included the President’s mother and his son, Secretaries Buencamino, Alas, Ylagan, Gerona, Osmeña,[1] Col. José Leyba, and our baggage.

[1]Sergio Osmeña, who became Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1907, during the American regime.