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Dec. 10th, 1899

Yesterday orders were posted for us to march to Santa Anna [Ana] this morning. We laid around quarters all day. Several Spanish prisoners came in from the insurgent lines. This morning we got up at four, started about 5 and got to Santa Anna [Ana] at about 9.30 oclock. We passed 30 or more Spaniards going into San Fernando. We are quartered on a couple of bamboo houses here (there are about 50 of us) Today I went to a funeral: an old woman & a baby. The service at the church was very short and there was no service at all at the grave. At the graveyard a narrow grave about 4 ft deep was dug: among the dirt thrown out were two skulls & quantities of other bones. The old woman was lowered into the grave without any coffin, the larger bones were thrown in on her & then the dirt. The baby was buried in a hole not over 15 inches deep dug with a hoe. No women went to the funeral: there was no mourning but everybody seemed happy.