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Dec. 23rd, 1899

About half a mile off from the city.

Capt Gordon appointed to C. Can see the walls of Old Manila, troops marching and people walking and driving along the Luneta, the seaside promenade of Manila.  It looks like a great  place.  Cascoes came alongside.  They are strange looking square bowed craft and are made of heavy planks, heward by hand and sewn together with rattan.  They are covered with movable plated bamboo tops and are unwieldly looking tubs. These are what we are going ashore in.  Tumbled aboard the cascoes at 5:30 P.M. and about 6PM left the ship’s side in tow of a tug.  Entered the Pasig River and passedFort Santiago at dusk.  It gets dark quick in this country.  Passed a theatre.  Could see the people sitting around the tables hitting the high ones and we can’t get to it.  Wonder where we’re going to land.  Passed lots of small steamers and sailing vessels.  Left the city.  About 8 PM ran ashore and were bumped by the following cascoes.  We thought we were sinking and the Col ordered us to take off our belts in case we had to swim.  Current swift.  Got off all OK and proceeded on our way.  At 12, midnight, tied up along side an old stone building and went ashore.  We found we were at San Pedro Macati, a village six mi from Manila, occupied by the 30th Inf.  Pitched pup tents along the road.  I was detailed to help unload the carcoes and when I went pitch my tent, I found I had no one to pitch with and as the new Capt., Gordon, was without a partner we pitched together.