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Dec. 26, 1899

Young, Forche, Searles, and I went out on an exploring expedition.  Walked about 2 mi. and finally came to the ruined convent of Guadaloupe.  It was once held by the Spaniards and was captured by the insurgents who put it completely on the bum.   We poked around the ruins looking for valuables but found nothing but a few glass beads. The coffins in the crypt, behind the alter had been all pulled out and broken open in the search for valuables by the 1st Cal. and the rotting bodies of 54 monks lay in the middle of the floor.  The smell almost knocked us down and we didn’t stay long in the crypt.  The Monastery had been a fine building, built of stone and was quadrangular in shape with a large court in the middle.  The cloisters surrounded three sides and the church the other side of the court.