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Dec. 9th 1900 Battle of the Boot Peninsula

Left at 11 P.M. sec. 7th for Boot Peninsula where 200 insurrectos armed with Mausers and Remingtons were said to be located. Had 40 men from my co.: 10 from D; and 50 mounted from M. troop 1st Cav. Struck enemy’s outpost 4.45 a.m. where one man of M. troop was killed – shot through head. Then followed a hot fight on mountain trail in which one man of “D” Co. was mortally wounded & Schultz of my Co. wounded twice but not seriously. Drove every up hill & off mountain, destroyed about 20 houses used as cuartels, 2000 lbs, corn, 10000 lbs. rice, captured 3 mausers, 160 rounds of same 5 prisoners, 2 of whom were afterwards killed in attempt to escape and 4 insurrecto ponies. Joined command from Tanauan, 25 men under Lt. Edwards, 8 Inf. about 12.30 P.M. but he had had no. fights tho had fired a number of shots at small parties seen running from my front. Was back in Lipa at 5 P.Ml the 8th – distance marched 28 miles.