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August 24, 1901*

*Provisionally dated

Peggy and I went down to the Escolta Monday Saturday in a stunning rig. Wherever the paint on our carromata was visible it was either red or or black. Our cuchero wore one of the abacar shirts with the inevitable tails outside a wide flapping brimmed hat & trousers much rolled up. He had no shoes on and when the seat got too uncomfortable he squatted on his heels on the shaft. If we get out of Manila without having our necks broken we shall be lucky. A favorite attitude of the Filipino is squatting on his heels. We have a group of boys to do errands and run for carromatas. Angel had some gogo [gugó] for me to wash my hair in. It is a kind of bark and looks very dirty but its good stuff.

All morning a group of Chinos have been sitting under the windows trying to sell us Canton linen. We are not to be taken in however for there is no Canton linen. They are great bargainers and most of the people who buy get cheated. The glee with which one Chino handed over a piece of muslin to me proved to me I had offered a great deal too much.