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September 19, 1901.


This evening J—– M—— took McC—– and me out to dinner with him at the home of one of his friends. The menu consisted of chicken, fish, and tuba*. we then invited J—- to eat with us at the convento, for our meal was just ready. He not only deemed it no offense thet we should eat a second time, but partook rather heartily himself. -I can’t say that I like the taste of tuba.

Footnote ~ *Tuba is a drink made from the sap of the coco-nut tree. The fruiting stem is cut off just back of the young fruitlets and the escaping sap caught in a receptacle made of a joint of bamboo. A powdered bark of some sort is then stirred into the sap to hasten fermentation, and by the end of a day or two, the beverage has developed a considerable alcoholic content.