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June 13, 1904

Arrived at Davao at 10 Pe Me last night. Met. Lts. Wagner and Cheston; had stein of ice-cold beer, and slept in Mr. Cheston’s quarters. Breakfast at 7 A.M. Davao is more like some place in the southern U.S. than any other place I have seen in the Philippines. Birds end bird songs fill the air.

White-headed Hornbill
Black Hornbill

Lalage terat
Blue and white Kingfisher
Short-tailed Hirundo
White-headed Chat,

Mr. Spencer, Dist. Treasurer, tells me of a hunt at Digao, Mindanao, where a 30 foot Pithon and herd of hogs were rounded up by firing a large area of heavy cogon grass simultaneously on all sides.

The hogs invariably rush to the centre where they are burned, their eyesight lost, and killed, if not by fire by the natives. On this particular hunt a pithon was found scorched and nearly dead. It was shot, and required the full strength of 4 strong natives to stretch it out at length. It measured about 30 feet. It had recently swallowed a large deer,which was removed and eaten by the native.

The white flower with yellow center and pink lines on back of petal is called Temple Flower. Fragrance resembles tuberose.

Lieut. Moore, Engs., is getting piles for a new wharf at Zamboanga. Most of them are being brought from Samal Island. He has obtained 4 molave spiles 62 feet in length. Most are 50 foot piles. Promises fossil and geological specimens from Samal Island.

Took short walk at 10 A. M.

Chip-ker-se-oh bird

This like one note of Eastern Towhee

Oriclus note: so-feugh-a

The song of the Black-throated sunbird is not unlike that of our Chestnute-sided Warbler

Little red-bellied “Barbet.” Young are catching insects from leaves for themselves. Note like Juncos’.


Green Pigeon calling.

Bird note in nipa swamp a single long-drawn whistle frequently repeated.

Mr. Woods finds the night monkey (Tarsuis spectrum) at Santa Cruz near Davao.

Wild Pagan Tribes about Mt. Apo.
1 Bogobo
2 Manoba (40 on south Quilerd)
3 Tagaculo )on coast around
4 Calsyan ) Digao.
5 Ata (Mt. & Valley, Atas dif. lang.)
6 Mandaya
7 Guyangas N. W. 19)July 16, 1904, visited Belton at Davao.
8 Moro
9 Filipinos (Viscayana )
10 Libobowans. Upper Sowong R. Live in trees 40 ft.

(From Lt. Wegner, see his report.) Governor Bolton says there are 14 wild tribes about Mt. Apo.

Skinned two birds and made up skins of White-headed Hornbill and Spotted Hawk. Made preparations for start tomorrow by sail-boat for Tagulaya and Mt. Apo.