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June 14, 1904

Get aneroid. Left Davao in sailboat at 9 A. M. Baggage in vinta for Tagulaya, west side of Davao Gulf. Gathered shells and crabs at Davao boat-landing (at bridge).

Three Whales are in Malalog Bay. Two big ones and a little one,

Mr. Black, missionary, saw a Dugong on coral reef off Santa Cruz; head out of water. Bogshos say they “climb out on rocks” with their babies on their arms.” Shot 2 Terns.

13496 Sterna sinensis male adult. N. W. Side Davao Gulf in front of Dumoy. (Bill broken off at tip.) 222; 530; 128; 68; 18; 19.
13497 Sterna sinensis male adult. 225; 536; 180; 66; 30; 18; 19.5
Iris dark brown; bill olive brown, black at tip, horn color at extreme point, Legs and feet olive~brown; claws black; under side of toes yellow. Stomachs both filled fish an inch long (stomach preserved). Not near their breeding season. The only ones seen Bogobo names:
Brown Dove Le-mó-kan.
Red-billed Frogmouth Tar-roc-sah’-kan
Naked-headed S. Tu-kal’-ling
Torcasa Kapoor’
White-headed Chat Te-boó-ool
Sterna Kan-ah’-wy Viscayan
” Bahs-bahs Bogobo
13498 Red-billed Frogmouth, female adult
13499 Naked-headed Starling, male “

13500 Sand Dove ) male adult


13501 ” ) female aduly

The above four specimens were taken at Tagulaya, where I found that the “Crying Bird” of my notes is really a jet black Cuckoo. A Similar bird had reddish-brown markings added.

Litt le-red-and-green Paraquets

Little sacred Dove abundant. Pair sat side by side when shot at once.

“Torcase” abundant, 4 shot and eaten.

Green Pigeons

Brown Java Sparrow


Pescado Asul


White-headed Chat (1 shot)

Black-throated Sunbird

Gray and black Harrier is here in the cogonals in abundance, but I saw none.
Brahmany Kite. (No waders or beach birds seen).
Wood Swallow

Small dusky Swift

Least Swallow-Swift

Short-tailed Swallow

Black Starling


13502 Naked headed Starling, female adult

15603 White-hedded Chat, male adult