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Thursday, March 30, 1905

Reached Marivelis (Mariveles) at 2 A.M. At seven had to get up to see inspection officer. All the Chinos had to go ashore to the quarantine station and have a bath. Reached Manila Bay about 11.30. How beautiful it is. I couldn’t appreciate it until I left it. So quiet and blue and bright.

Mr. Shuster send a launch out to meet me and a young man to tell me he extended the courtesy of the port which was a relief to my mind. Went ashore and [[Mr. Shuster]] was very kind and sent me home in a caromata. Mr. Dew also met me with a launch and had the carriage there but I missed both. It seemed so good to get back. The girls were at Alingapo (Olongapo) but came at 4. We gossiped and had tea and at seven Capt. Orton called and took me to Mrs. Harrison’s for dinner. Awfully good time and good homey dinner.
Other guests were Miss Girard, Mr. Gordon and Col. Girard.

Cootes is here and waited for me last night to take me to the club dinner but I did not get in in time.