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Thursday, March 30, 1905

Reached [[Marivelis]] [Mariveles] at 2 A.M. At seven had to get up to see inspection officer. All the Chinos had to go ashore to the quarantine station and have a bath. Reached [[Manila Bay]] about 11.30. How beautiful it is. I couldn’t appreciate it until I left it. So quiet and blue and bright.

[[Mr. Shuster]] send a launch out to meet me and a young man to tell me he extended the courtesy of the port which was a relief to my mind. Went ashore and [[Mr. Shuster]] was very kind and sent me home in a caromata. [[Mr. Dew]] also met me with a launch and had the carriage there but I missed both. It seemed so good to get back. The girls were at [[Alingapo]] [Olongapo] but came at 4. We gossiped and had tea and at seven [[Capt. [Captain] Orton]] called and took me to [[Mrs. Harrison]]’s for dinner. Awfully good time and good homey dinner.
Other guests were [[Miss Girard]], [[Mr. Gordon]] and [[Col. [Colonel] Girard]].

[[Cootes]] is here and waited for me last night to take me to the club dinner but I did not get in in time.