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December 2nd, 1925

Today I had a conference with Wood regarding the Budget Bill. the Appropriation Bill for Public Works and the Divorce Bill –Regarding the first, I told the Gov. I had no interest in the matter beyond showing that we could pass a budget bill which is scientific –Having done that the Gov. Gen. could oppose it or not to suit himself, but notified him that no further effort will be made, so long as he was the G.G. and the leader of the majority party to pass a budget bill x His main objection was to the provision creating the Committee of the Legislature to investigate the manner in which the finances of the government are managed.

Regarding the Appropriation Bill I told him that the efforts of the legislature were to have public improvement.

Regarding the Divorce Bill I told the Gov. that the veto of the Bill shows that the Catholic Church controlled this government as today as it did under Spain.