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Dec 15th 1926

Temp: Max 92 Min. 76

Cousin Frances called for us at 4:30 P.M. and we went to the Polo Club for a swim and then had beer and free lunch. The swimming tank was out-of-doors and was all fitted up with white tilting inside and colored tiles in the broad walk around it. The water was clear and cool and certainly did enjoy it. Soon after our swim Dr. Vincent dropped in and we all had some drinks and free lunch. Then we went to their home for the most delicious dinner I have ever had –Fruit cocktail in an orange shell, clear soup served with crackers, pickles, olives, jam and brown bread, deviled crabs, she string potatoes, pele [pili] nuts, fillet mignon, a native vegetable, potatoes, bread and butter, a salad of ½ head of lettuce, stuffed tomatoes and sliced celery, French mayonnais, ice cream, chocolate sauce, coffee, macaroons.

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