Faust arrived early in the a.m. and we spent the day together.

Took Gloria home in the afternoon and then rushed to dress for dinner with Sec. and Mrs. Hurley.[1] Besides the entire Mission, the others were Sen. Bingham,[2] Rep. Hare[3] and wife, Rep. Rogers[4], Owens and Kahn Kean? (last three being members from Mass, Florida and ?). & Mrs. Hull (who was my lady)

Had quite a chat with Sec. Hurley.


Sen. Hawes[5] presented his bill in the Senate today.

[1] Secretary  Patrick Hurley ( Jan 8, 1883- July 30, 1963) was US Secretary of War 1929-1933. He was a lawyer, and a member of the Republican Party.

[2] Hiram Bingham (Nov 19, 1875-June 6, 1956) an academic, explorer and politician, served as Republican US Senator from 1924-1933. He is known also for having discovered the ancient city of Machu Picchu in 1911.

[3] Butler Black Hare – (Sept 4, 1918-July 16, 1966)  Democrat, Representative of South Carolina from 1925-1933, and was chairman of the Committee on Insular Affaird  during the 72nd Congress (1932)

[4] Edith Nourse Rogers (1881-1960) Republican Representative for Massachusetts, serving for 35 years, from 1925-1961. From 1933-35 she was  on the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

[5] Harry B. Hawes (Nov. 15, 18690July 31, 1947) Democratic member of US House and Senate for Missouri.  He was the co- sponsor of the Hare-Hawes Cutting Act. Following his retirement from the senate in Feb 3, 1933 he resumed his private practice of law, and served as legal counsel  for the Philippine Commonwealth